Artist Statement

My background is in traditional embroidery which I perfected from early childhood until a few years ago when a friend suggested I step out of my comfort and try my hand at original design instead of tweeking other’s patterns.  This led me on a wonderful journey of discovery which has taken me beyond the ordinary and continues to lead me in new directions.  I still teach traditional embroidery, sometimes with new twists along the way, but have found my passion in the myriad of techniques now available to artists who work with fibre and textiles.  My tool kit now includes soldering irons, heat guns, dyeing and wax pots, paints and found objects. 


Colour and texture are an integral part of my daily life, without them I am not whole.  Fibre, textiles, dyes and paints allow me to indulge as they all provide me with a wide range of colour and textures.


Inspiration comes from some of the most unusual places – a pile of rusted once treasured or useful objects to construction sites.  Of course, everyday life, nature and the universe are also part of my arsenal.  Of late, I have found inspiration in poetry and specifically that of Rumi whose artistry is still as viable today as it was more than 700 years ago.


My art comes from my heart and as long as it pleases me and says what I intended, I am very happy.  Of course, I hope that it also speaks to others in a way to enhance their day with a smile or pleasant thought.

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